Metal Gangway With Stairs and Safety Cage for Cement Loading

Metal Gangway with Stairs and Safety Cages


The cement industry is one of the most punishing environments for work and safety equipment. The fast pace, constant motion, heavy loads and grittiness of the environment accelerates wear and tear rates. This environment demands that the safest, most durable metal gangway with stairs and other equipment be installed. Saferack has experience with cement plant safety equipment and is able to make recommendations for OSHA compliant loading platforms, gangways, and safety cages that can withstand the harsh environment and keep your workers safe.

Saferack works with your company to help design and implement what it needs to stay in OSHA compliance for your loading platforms. Durable, stable platforms with Safety Cages keep your crew safe and able to function.

Saferack can replace an older loading platform or install a new one. We will make it to your specifications that will meet your truck sizes and crew needs. mlee