Marine Straight Stairs

Marine Straight Stairs

These are direct stairs without any turns, connecting two decks. Their design is similar to traditional straight stairs.

Marine straight stairs, also referred to as ship or nautical stairs, serve several primary purposes within the marine context.

What are the primary uses?

  1. Access between decks: The most common use of stairs in marine applications is to allow for access between the multiple decks on a ship. This can range from a small two-deck fishing boat to a multi-deck cruise ship or naval vessel. The stairs provide an essential means of vertical circulation for crew and passengers.
  2. Emergency escape routes: In addition to regular use, stairs on marine vessels also serve as crucial components of emergency escape routes. In case of a fire, flood, or other onboard disaster, individuals may need to quickly move from one level of the ship to another, and well-designed, easily accessible stairways are vital for this purpose.
  3. Cargo handling and storage areas: In cargo vessels, stairs can be used to provide access to and from cargo holds and storage areas. While much of the heavy lifting is done by cranes and other machinery, stairs allow crew members to access these areas for inspections, maintenance, or manual handling of cargo when necessary.
  4. Access to machinery and technical rooms: Stairs may be used to provide access to machinery spaces, engine rooms, and technical areas that require regular inspection or maintenance.

In terms of design, marine stairs need to be robust, resistant to corrosion, and designed to prevent slipping, considering the often harsh and wet conditions at sea. They also need to conform to safety regulations outlined by marine safety authorities and classification societies.

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